8 Corrie Street
Chermside QLD 4032   (07) 3350 1625

8 Corrie Street Chermside QLD 4032
(07) 3350 1625




Pre-Employment Medicals are performed at Corrie Street Medical Clinic. 

If you would like a Pre-Employment medical to be performed at Corrie Street Medical Clinic, we require a copy of all paperwork to determine appointment length and complexity. 

Additional testing may be required, for example: Audiometry(hearing), Spirometry (breathing), Urine Drug Screening (pathology offsite),Radiology Scans, Blood Testing – as per the Employer’s instructions. 

*Please note: Urine Drug Screening is NOT performed on site.You may have to visit an accredited urine sample collection centre. 

All completed documentation will be posted via registered post (or emailed upon written request) by Corrie Street Medical Clinic staff directly to Employer/Company or as requested by the Employer/Company. 

No paperwork will be given to the employee / patient at the completion of the consult. 

Accounts must be paid at the time of consult.

For more information please contact Reception (07) 3350 1625 

If you wish to email a copy of your paperwork please send the details to our email address – please include any additional specifications, along with your contact details so that we can contact you to arrange the necessary appointments.