8 Corrie Street
Chermside QLD 4032   (07) 3350 1625

8 Corrie Street Chermside QLD 4032
(07) 3350 1625




Most of our doctors deal with work-related injuries. If you sustain a work-related injury, notify your employer, and speak to a doctor immediately for advice and a Return to Work certificate. You may have to pay for the first Work Cover consult, but this is reimbursed to you once your claim is approved. Your insurer will give you a Work Cover claim number and a case manager – you will need these details to provide to your doctor. 

Your Work Cover doctor completes the Return to Work certificate for you – this outlines the duties that you can/cannot perform at work and anything that can help your recovery. The Return to Work certificate is also used to communicate your Work Cover case with your insurer, employer,and other health professionals involved. The Return to Work Certificate has tobe updated by your nominated Work Cover doctor regularly until you are fit to go back to pre-injury duties – this means you should follow up with the same doctor for Work Cover appointments. 

For further enquiries and appointments, please call Corrie Street Medical Clinic (07) 3350 1625