8 Corrie Street
Chermside QLD 4032   (07) 3350 1625

8 Corrie Street Chermside QLD 4032
(07) 3350 1625




As interruptions during the course of a consultation can bevery distracting for both doctor and patient, most queries are best dealt withby consultation, but if appropriate, your doctor will discuss a telephone querywith you. If the doctor concerned is consulting, your call will be returned assoon as the doctor is free. Emergency situations are an exception. If you feelyour problem requires immediate attention, please inform the receptionist thatit is an emergency. One of the Nurses will speak with you and convey yoursituation to the doctor. 

Please do not email the practice regarding appointments oryour health information, as it is not considered secure. 

Use of mobile phones during the consult is not permitted. Werequest you please switch of your mobile phone or put it on silent mode beforeentering the consulting room.